Is it real?

So for some reason it has not dawned on me that we are having another baby. I'm really not sure when it will. Maybe during our 'Gender Reveal' ultrasound coming up I will actually see a baby. A real baby, not the 6 week baby that well, wasn't really a baby in the picture. More like a deformed patch of weirdness floating in my belly. With Oreo I had an ultrasound almost every month due to different minor complications. This baby seems pretty easy going, I've had no asthma problems, no strange heart palpitations, and i'm actually losing weight instead of over gaining too quickly. Maybe my body doesn't believe their's a baby in their either! 

I'm almost scared for the gender reveal to be honest. I'm hoping I don't quickly change my mind from wanting to know, to not wanting to know out of fear for what the ultrasound technician reveals. I think it's a boy. I truly think it would be great to have two boys. Hubby (and everyone else in our family) wants a girl. I don't want to disappoint them, I really don't. I know it has nothing to do with me, or my choice, I just know how they will all 'act' excited if it's a boy, but will only truly 'be' excited if it's a girl. To be honest, girls scare me. Sure it would be fun to dress her up and have dreams of having a little shopping buddy when she gets bigger, but what do I do when she gets older?!  I suppose I can hold off those fears for a little longer. Happy and healthy is what I truly wish for!

We are trying to find out cute ways to reveal the gender to our family. I don't just want to call people on the phone, the news is far too exciting for that! So if anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Something simple. I'd also like to create some type of blog giveaway contest for those that are right about guessing the gender. Thinking caps on! I could really use the help! 

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