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Having a baby can be one of the most joyous moments of your life, as well as one of the scariest. When I heard about Babyeverywhere I was immediately intrigued. Babyeverywehere talks to pediatricians, nurses, firefighters, police officers, and other experts to help parents find answers about how to keep their babies safe. The information is very organized and easy to understand, my favorite being the chapter on emergency care that includes a word and picture description on what to do if a baby is choking or not breathing. This has always been a fear of mine. Even after taking CPR classes I worry that once the moment comes I’m going to forget everything I’ve learned. It’s very reassuring to have a handy color coded book nearby that I can grab in case of an emergency. The book came in a large storage bag that is filled with extra compartments and a baby changing pad. Perfect for long car rides or trips out of town! You can keep your emergency handy book close with you no matter how far from home you roam! 

A few Products they offer:

At Home: One third of all injuries occur at home. Now you will be prepared for most anything with the Safe Baby Organizer,Book and a Bear and Baby Safety Kit.
In the Car: Transportation injuries are a leading cause of death in children. Your baby isn't a statistic.
The Car Bag gives you instant access to what you need while providing special experts tips on car safety so you can feel confident every time your baby rides.
At Grandma's House: Ease your mind when baby visits Grandma, Grandma knows you should ask an expert for serious problems. Now she has a team of experts at her fingertips, along with Baby's supplies, in the Grandma's Bag.

Connect with BabyEverywhere:

Purchase your BabyEverywhere products HERE!

With the Babysitter: You can relax on your night out because your babysitter will have professionals at her side while she cares for your baby.
The Information Station gives her instant access to professional tips for keeping Baby safe along with extra information you want her to know.

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