Baby GN

Baby umm, lets name it GN (gender neutral) for now. So, baby GN is already 15 weeks old! This pregnancy has been nothing like my first. I am always overly exhausted, I have these constant headaches, demanding cravings, and I think I cry at least once a day (usually for the silliest reasons, and I am NOT a crier!). It's driving me nuts, I've also caught the flu twice already, and I'm not usually one to get sick either. While we were on vacation I lost 7 lbs and during the next week after we got back I lost another 5! With Oreo I was constantly gaining weight and put on a pretty hefty amount in the end. No need for numbers to be posted haha. The doctor doesn't seem too concerned but I'm curious to see what she says when I go in and she sees I've lost even more. I of course have no problem with it as long as the baby is happy and healthy. The supposed least amount of weight I can gain throughout the entire pregnancy is 11 lbs. Plus it's still pretty early in the game, who knows what I may gain as the baby starts putting on the pounds. My next appointment is August 9th so who knows, I may just gain some back by then. (this being said while eating tater-tots for lunch)
We are also stuck on two decisions-
     Should we find out what we're having?
     Should we have a baby shower for baby #2?
I like the idea of being surprised in the delivery room, but I also love that technology is so advanced it's given me the chance to plan accordingly far before the baby is born! If it were up to our family they would definitely want us to find out. 
As for the baby shower for GN there are still a lot of things we need for this baby! Plus baby showers are so much fun...
What did you do? Any suggestions?
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