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I want to get this ball rolling... I need karma, good karma! I need to surround myself by pregnant women and their hubbys/lovers too (can't leave them out)! If you are a tweep please let me know if you're interested in starting a weekly chat about being #Pregnant! Tweet me or leave a comment here letting me know your in and what time/day would work best for you! Thanks and I am so excited about this! If we can get it big enough then prizes and sponsors can be added too! I have a few prizes laying around from previous blog sponsors that can definitely be used for our first few chats! Lets get it on ladies...and gentleman!

How to let me know you're interested by tweeting:
#Pregnant and ready to chat! @gonabfamus04 http://tinyurl.com/y7aq9q8 Calling all Pregnant women and Daddy's to be!

or leave me a comment below!
or send me an email!
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