TTC- where we're at now.

Since my last little TTC fallout we have decided to take a break. I need a little breather from the stress and dissappointment that comes along with making a baby. It's not a long one though, just until we get back from vacation. Yes. Vacation! We are headed to Orange, California to stay with family and enjoy some sunshine for 11 days! Woohoo, can't wait. Luckily we have flown with Oreo a few times already so I am not too worried about traveling with a toddler. The only difference this time will be that he is no longer nursing and I wont be able to console him as easily this time! I'm thinking that a few good snacks and toys will help us out. Know of any must haves for traveling with a toddler?
Oh yeah back to TTC. We got some of the most fabulous news this past weekend that Big D's sister (who has been TTC for 2 years) is Preggo!! This little bundle of joy is well overdue and I can't think of anyone that deserves a baby more than them. Hopefully when we get back from vacation my body will be ready to just jump on board and conceive a baby that cycle! It would be so much fun to have a baby close in age to my Sister in laws. They only live 10 mins away and I have to be honest when I say spending time with them is always great fun! To keep my mind off of babies i've resorted to mega product reviewing. I have over 50 different products reviews to share and giveaway so make sure you keep your eye out! There are some pretty fabulous ones :o) Oh, and thank you all so much for your support, it really means the world to me.
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