Susan Brown's Baby review and giveaway

This was the first 'all natural' diaper cream we tried on Oreo! We used to have a very cute baby boutique in our downtown square that carried Susan Brown's Baby products. I loved everything about it, and it felt good putting something natural and safe on my precious sons new skin. We have tried many different products but I always find myself coming back to this one! She also carries many products for moms as well. The hand sanitizer was my absolute favorite, the sweet smell lingered for awhile leaving my hands not only clean but smelling great as well! It didn't dry them out at all or leave them feeling rough! They also carry a new stretch therapy line that sounds very promising. All orders ship for $3 and if you purchase a product from their stretch therapy line you get a FREE 6oz tube of their Stretch Therapy Warming Masque.

Straight From the Source:

Susan holds an MBA in Marketing from Western International University. For several years she searched for a product to take to market. While researching in this area she realized that the raw materials for this product were sitting right on her bathroom counter. For years Susan and her mother had been passing along personalized packages of her father's ingredient-rich complexes for good friends and family to try.
The oils and lotions her father had been bringing home since she was a child were the perfect beginning to what was to become a skin care line for babies and moms. It was then that Susan started working at a baby boutique to familiarize herself with the baby market. As she had expected, while the boutique was quite successful in clothing and knick-knack sales, it was lacking in the skincare offerings. There were very few baby skin care lines that were beautifully-packaged and efficacious.
With the information she gathered, Susan approached her former college roommate, Kimmy Hollar, with the goal to create a natural line of baby and mom skincare products that would be both effective and natural, perfect for sensitive skin.

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