Ouchies Review and Giveaway

Oreo has just discovered bandages thanks to GiGi. He loves sticking them on his 'Boo,Boos'! Even if it is an imaginary one. Ouchies were so exciting to him, and he could hardly stand wearing just one! They kept him happy while waiting in a doctors office, or during long waits at a restaurant! Its funny how something so simply, and cute, can mean so much to a child! O, I should also mention how inf-actuated the hubby was too, yep thats right these rock big kids socks too!

Straight From The Source:
When my daughter turned five, her supply of bandages began to dwindle from all the boo-boo’s that kids get, so I decided to search the aisles of drugstores for some kind of alternative – something cool, something different, something stylish. To my complete surprise, I came home empty handed; only able to offer her one of my horribly, boring beige bandages.
As I stood there in front of her medicine cabinet, I thought to myself, “Why are there no cool bandages?” I felt that change was in order, but it wasn’t until my wife (who is the true inspiration and “umph” behind these products) gave me a nudge and said, “You can do it.” From that point on, I started Ouchies – offering kids an array of adhesive bandages that allow them to show their style and personality. Since that time I have had two more kids, furthering my dedication to giving kids the chance to express themselves through bandages.
So, join me, my wife, my two daughters and son and let the world know that just because you are 5 or 8 or even 11, you can still have style after you have fallen and scraped your knee. Down with beige bandages, baby!

As a member, you will receive email updates on Ouchies happenings and news, first opportunities on new bandages, special discounts, and free samples.For every new charter member who signs up, we will donate one bandage to local hospitals to distribute to kids.

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**Many thanks to Ouchies for sponsoring this Review and Giveaway**

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