Fresh organics review and giveaway

It was great to have something to 'fall back on' during long nights or stressful evenings. The Fresh Organics Lavender bath petals were a fabulous way for me to unwind and relax. The lavender smell was very calming and the bubbles were a perfect touch to a soothing warm bath. The Organic baby travel kit went everywhere with Oreo and I. I loved everything about it, we used it the most during our overnight trips or long weekends with family. We had no problems with rashes and his skin never became dried out! Same goes for the bubble bath petals as well!

Straight From The Source:
We believe that every choice we make shapes our future, the future of our families and the future of this planet. There is a rich tradition of natural wisdom and common sense that has guided us in making the choices we have made. This wisdom teaches us to eat fresh, locally grown, organic foods whenever possible. It tells us not to pollute or squander our resources so they will be there for future generations. It tells us that the most precious things in life are worth protecting and, for us, that means our children, our health and the health of our planet
In the last 50 years the amount and number of chemicals we come into contact with on a daily basis has increased exponentially. Many of these chemicals are completely alien to our systems and our bodies are unable to process or excrete them. Most of these chemicals are cheap by-products from the petrochemical industry and they pollute our bodies as surely as they pollute our land and water.
While we can’t go back to a pre-industrial world, everyone should try to minimize their exposure to toxic chemicals. This is especially critical for babies and young children. A baby’s skin is so thin that it absorbs up to 90% of what is put on it - so what goes on, goes into every organ and cell. With undeveloped immunities and defenses, even a short term exposure to harmful chemicals can pose serious health risks. That’s why by the age of 2, a child has already received 90% of their lifetime exposure to cancer causing agents. As concerned parents, these facts are a call to action!
For this reason, the bedrock of our principles is to ensure that any product we make
or sell is 100% safe for long term use by any age person, from newborn up.

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An Organic Baby Travel Kit
A container of Lavender Vanilla Bubble Bath petals

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