where do you go?

I have three types of friends right now.
1. The still in college sorority sisters. (focused on a degree, boys, partys, and studying)
2. The newly engaged crew. (focused on wedding planning)
3. The newly divorced moms. (focused on freedom and major feminism)

Notice I'm not in any of those? I stand alone through this journey of a newly wed mother. It's hard to make time for the friends listed above, and to be honest they don't seem too interested since Oreos (LL's) arrival. I like imagining a world where we are all at the same time and point in our lives. Having a coffee while the kiddies play and we chat about husbands and the latest baby trends. I'm not sure where to turn to find this? Do I venture off and find a new group of friends while I wait for the ones listed above to catch up and settle into where I'm at now? Who know's where I will be at that point...probably at my sons high school graduation! I will then be sitting there wishing they also had kids that just left for college and need a shoulder to lean on. Big D often asks me why I love blogging so much, and I always reply with "they are the only mom's I have to talk to." It's so true. Aside from my amazing mother that I spend every open minute of my life with (happily I might add)! You ladies are the only mommy support I have! So where do you turn to find your mommy fix? Did your friends have kids at the same time as you, or are you stuck like me?!
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