we are TTC

It is official. We are TTC. I can now post away about our journey because everyone in our family now knows. Trust me, it was not easy to tell them. To be honest this was one of the most difficult decisions of my life. Family means everything to me, and I hope at the end of this they understand why we made the choice we did. I thought it would be easy to conceive, but as it turns out it really takes time and lots of work. I am already stressing about it and we are only 4 cycles in. I have always been an impatient person but this is just killing me. I am going to try a special diet recommended by Subfertile Frugalistas Miracle doctor. I've been looking to changing my diet for quite some time and I feel like this diet is exactly what my body needs. I am also going to begin charting online using FertilityFriend. I'm not going for any doctor assistance until I feel like we've tried everything that we are able to try ourselves. I will keep you all updated during my journey and if you have any tips,tricks, or advice please share!
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