our TTC journey so far

In Twitter lingo our TTC journey so far is a #FAIL. As well as my special diet I was trying. I did it for a few days and then crash, yep it all went down the drain. I'm not doing too horribly bad though, I'm still eating well and watching what I eat, it's just no to great extremes like the diet I was trying. AF has come and gone and a fresh cycle has started, what a great feeling. I always get super depressed once AF shows, and well during her entire stay, but when its over I feel like a whole new woman! I'm not joking, I convince myself each month that THIS is it, THIS is 'my' month. I stay positive, I let the universe support me, I repeat to myself 'I am fertile, I am open...Come on already damn it!' Sorry about the last part, this TTC thing is very frustrating. At a time when I am supposed to be most relaxed and at ease my body goes haywire on me and wont let me sleep or stop stressing about making a baby. *sigh* "It will come" they say.
Just be patient.
Yes, patience.
Something I've always had a hard time with. 

"Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one."
Hans Selye

O Hans, you speak to my soul.
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