music to my ears

I love the way music speaks to me.
The way it touches my soul in places that nothing else can.
For years I've felt the music within me and for years I've wondered where it came from.
Both of my parents may be musically inclined, but if that is the case neither of them acted upon it.
My brother is very much into music too. Which makes me think we had to of gotten it somewhere along our gene pool.
I love the way it swiftly moves my mood from one extreme to the other.
How it can perk me up or even sometimes bring me down.
I grew up loving soulful jazz and hearty gospel music.
I've now been introdued (thanks to Big D) to Country and Rock.
I love it all.

I have been desperately searching for some new tunes. Especially those that will keep me pumped while out walking. Now that the weather is perking up a bit, I am too.

If you have ANY suggestions at all, trust me when I say I am into EVERY genre of music, please share.

Rock On.
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