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Ok. So my last sale fell through. Not her fault! Definitely mine...well the post office's. This time I will not make the mistake of trying to sell the whole lot to just one person! If you would like to buy them all that is fine, It will just cost more shipping because I will be unable to package every single diaper together in a manner that is acceptable to the post offices standards. (long story).
Here is what's up for grabs tonight. I have a TON more to add later on, but this is what I had access to before Oreo went to bed.

All prices Include shipping!
Pictures can be seen HERE!

To make things easier I created a google docs form for you to let me know what you would like, this way I don't have to worry about who asked for what first. If you have questions about a diaper I created a blank for that too. If you would like me to send an invoice to your paypal account just include your pay pal address in the last question listed on the form. No payment would be received until you approve it! I just thought this would make it a little easier and also help me keep track of where I'm sending things! Thanks so much~ :o)

Diaper #1:
Thirsties Duo-wrap- Velcro Size2
Color: Meadow

Diaper #2:
Thirsties (old style) Med pocket AIO
Colors: 3 1 Celery, 1 sky Blue, 1 Aqua, 1 Melon (some staining on the inside $1 off)
$7.00 ea

Diaper #3:
Knicker Nappies old style disposanot Med AIO w/ 2 loopydoo inserts!
Color: Green

Diaper #4:
NEW Knicker Nappy OS w/ 2 loopydoo inserts
Color: Baby Blue

Diaper #5:
G-Diapers old style with snap in inserts. These have been very loved but still work great!
Colors: 3 Green, 1 orange, 1 red, 1 blue.
$5 ea

Diaper #6:
Applecheeks size 2 AIO w/ hemp insert. (used once)
Color: Blue
$15 Sold

Diaper #7
AMP one size Duo pocket diaper w/bamboo insert
Color: Blue

Not sure if you like any of these diapers? Read a few reviews about them HERE!
Also if you spot a diaper within those reviews that you are interested in, I am most likely planning on selling it so Contact Me and let me know you'd like to make an offer! :o)

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