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I'm excited to introduce another Etsy mom selling cloth diapers at great prices! I was surprised when I opened the package as the print she made me was not one I'd seen yet before. It was a holiday print with snowmen on it, very different! Not a bad different, just something new. There were a few extra steps to follow in prepping the diaper but I easily got passed those and moved on to trying it out right away! We happened to be in need of some clean diapers that day and I really didn't want to do laundry! I was impressed by how slim the fit was and that it didn't bulge anywhere on Little L. This isn't usually the case with a diaper that includes an insert. I was a little worried about the looseness around his thighs but luckily there weren't any leakage accidents. I would definitely recommend this diaper to someone new or unsure of cloth diapering, it was easy to use, got the job done, and it's priced so well that you can afford to either "mess up" somehow how not lose out on much if you decide to go back to sposies. It ran great in both the washer and the dryer, no fabric dye leakage issues and it was fully dry in just one cycle! Big D didn't get his hands on this one, the little man seemed to like to use this one for his "duties" a lot before daddy came home from work! We tried it overnight but soon realized it would need an extra insert to make it through our heavy wetters night. Luckily she sells a special diaper for kiddos just like Little L, I will definitely be getting one of those soon!
She also makes these really cute and unique animal print diaper covers! These would be so much fun for birthday parties or a get together, or I suppose just to run around in and play make believe with your little one!

Straight From The Source:
I am a stay at home mom, to three beautiful children. Who all wear my creative designs no matter where they are. I have been sewing for many years now, I think almost 13 years? On and off again sort of thing. Except for the last three years has been pretty much sewing everyday.

I love to sew cloth diapers and one of a kind items. I am up to new challenges all the time. And I love to do custom work. If you have an idea bring it to my attention and I will gladly help!

I strive to do my best and if you ever receive anything from the best please feel free to contact me and we can work it out!

I like to make all different items and I hope to please everyone. I always try to do my best, but sometimes they don't come out the way I want them to. If there ever happens to be a big mishap in my craftsmanship I will most definitely put it in the ad.

Thank you all for your support and taking the time to look into my shop.
Feel free to ask questions about any custom orders.
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!!! ภєฬ ~~~~Cloth diaper inners will now be made with minkee fabric ~~~~ภєฬ !!!
*Due to this all diaper prices will go up slightly but will be made with the best material possible!*
Order a Cloth diaper set and receive one cloth diaper free!(orders over 5 only) Please convo for special offer.

Order a custom set of mama Breast Pads or Mama Menstrual pads and receive one FREE !!! (orders over 5 only) Please convo for special offer.

Was this diaper convenient: Yes
Is this diaper economically priced: Yes
Would I recommend this diaper to a beginner:Yes
Good for Daytime use: Yes
Good for nighttime Use: Not without two inserts.
Easy during laundry Care: Yes
Did Big D like this Diaper: N/A
Did Little L like this Diaper: Yes
Did I like this Diaper: Yes

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