Big Purchase- Getting a New Camera!

 Here's the pic I took of my new ring.
Now imagine this picture if it were taken with a really nice camera!

Ok. So, I'm going to buy a really nice digital camera! I am so very excited.The only thing is I don't know which one to buy! Anyone have a true love for their camera, or one that they know is truly amazing! Help! Thanks luvs <3


Shannon said...

Wow is that gorgeous! I want one! :)

FF back at ya :)

Ashley Stone said...

beautiful ring!!

I'm following you too from Friday Follow! Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog. : )

Matthew T. said...

That ring looks really cool.

Digital cameras if you want the good ones, can be about $100-200. Maybe you might want a simpler one or a sophisticated one.

lovemylevi said...

Matt we have the regular digital camera, we're going Big for this camera! I want a really nice one :-)

Emmy said...

If you are looking for a really good camera, you have to go with the DSLR's. I love my Canon Rebel G Xti, they are pricy though; but as you learn more and use it more you can get different lenses for it and do even more. It also has lots of great automatic modes that you can just shoot in for while you are learning.

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Such a gorgeous ring!! So unique! LOVE it!

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