Baby Fever

I have baby fever.
I have baby fever bad.
We went shopping at the mall today. The BIG mall that's about an hour away, which means lots and lots of people babies. 
I was on a quest for a few different things. Some new clothes for the little man (always a must), a new coat for me (I really should show you the one I've been wearing this winter), and a book for Big D.
Simple enough. 
Well the past few weeks, wait months, we've been wanting a new baby. Little L is now 17 months and Big D and I think it's time to get the ball rollin'. 
Yes Big D too, his quote "we will have as many babies as it takes til I get my little girl"
So. Sweet.
Our wedding reception, my best friends wedding (I'm Matron of Honor) and our Honeymoon aren't until this summer so it just seems obvious that we would wait until after then. 
Oh but those little babies, everywhere. Mommies strolling them through the busy mall crowds.
Little girls with their little girl clothes that cover every little baby store. 
I find myself checking the price tags on little bitty baby clothes, little bitty baby girl clothes. 
Yes. I want a girl. A sweet little ray of sunshine that will go shopping with me on rainy days, and share my love for Johnny Depp, not because of his acting skills but for his luscious locks.
On the bright side, I did find a new coat. Its Plum, very girly.

So I guess my question is. Should I wait, or just have a nice baby bump at our wedding reception, my friends wedding, and our honeymoon...


Teresa said...

Do what you feel in your heart. I got preggo with my youngest (3months old now) 6 weeks after our wedding, lol. Goodluck and have fun!

Amy said...

Check out my blog for an award I passed on to you:

Mommyfriend Lori said...

Baby Fever is a powerful drug! Just like your previous commenter said, do what is in your heart. God bless and best of luck!

Katrina said...

I say if you really want it, let it happen! It will happen when the time is right. it may take a couple months. =) like another commenter said, do what's in your heart. =)

Beccalynn said...

This is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

I think if you wait for "the right time" to have a baby, then that time will never come. My husband and I were waiting for "That time" for a while and finally we said, "You know if God thinks we're ready to have a baby then we'll have one and if we're not then we just won't get pregnant." and with that we stopped trying NOT to have a baby. Two months later (no lie!) we conceived and we have my wonderful little daughter. When she was born everything went wrong financially and it was like, "God what are you doing???" but He has provided for us and for her and we're living happily ever after with the most amazing gift we've ever received giggling us awake every morning.

So, my advice?

Just go for it. They can alter bridesmaids dresses :-D

lovemylevi said...

Thank you all for your encouragement!

Danielle said...

I, too, have baby fever. Like another said .. it is a powerful drug. I say go for it.

Monkey Mae said...

I say do it! That way, you can have a fabulous custom-made BM dress. Everyone loves a baby bump...and, of course, a baby!

Good luck!

Unknown said...

new follower from Friday Follow!

Tiffany said...

Girl I have had those moments, you are lucky you are in a place in your life where it was realistic and something that canbe done. I was single and my mother looked at me as I held the cutest baby outfit and said, "and this too shall pass" as she took the item from my hands and hung it back onto the rack.


Emmy said...

If you get sick during your pregnancies then you might just want to wait a few months.. but if not go for it! It might take longer than you think anyway... My son took us 7 months, my daughter one time, my current pregnancy about 6 months.. so you never know.

le Chef said...

Inside you know when it's time. It's a woman thing. Life will happen even after your pregnant, so don't base too much on scheduled events. What would you do if you "accidentally" got pregnant now?
See. Life would still move forward regardless.

You have the rest of your life to go on a honeymoon. I've been married 18 years, and I'm still waiting for mine. ;)
See, life goes on.

Kat said...

I ALWAYS have baby fever. That is why I have four kids. HA! If it weren't for my hubby I'd end up like one of those ladies with her own tv show and 20 kids. ;)

I'd wait until after your reception. :)

Following from FF!

Alesha @ Full Time Mama said...

Baby Fever is so hard to get rid of! Good luck with your decision!
Love that coat btw!!

Anonymous said...


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