Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has a very safe and happy Holiday! Always remember the reason for the season. Here's a few of my Holiday shots.

The last one is just me. It's not too often that I get to wear pretty shirts and fix my crazy hair, so I had to get a picture...

I hope everyone else was able to enjoy special moments this holiday season! Remember to eat too much and relax!


Xenia said...

The second picture with the little feet sticking out is so adorable, what a cutie!

Following you back, thanks for stopping by!

Clairity said...

Happy holidays to you and family. Thanks for following :)

~Shelley~ said...

Thanks for visiting me!

Adorable pics! LOVE them little baby feet!!! Oh how I miss having a baby...mine are 16, 10 and 5.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

Kim said...

How precious! Next year will be even more fun.
Thanks for the follow, following you now. :-)

Buckeroomama said...

Have a terrific rest-of-2009 and may the new year brings you loads of blessings.

Thanks for the follow. Already following you... but you'll have to go to the bottom of the list and look me up from among your earlier followere. :)

Vickie said...

Awe! I love the baby pics!

I know what you mean. I only wear nice clothes and do my hair about 10 times a year;) LOL!!

Have a great holiday!

blueviolet said...

Thanks for following me. I'm already following you but I'm a little bit further back in the list. :)

Your baby is so beautiful!

Happy New Year!

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) said...

OH I love the little feet picture. Super cute.


Janine said...

Adorable! There's nothing cuter than baby toes :)

Anonymous said...

I love what you said 'remember the reason for the season'. Well put! Merry Christmas

Blia said...

Love the pictures! Stopping by from MBC.

TextbookMommy said...

Love the pictures! You're little one is too cute! Thanks for following my blog and stopping by to comment!

MommyToTwoBoys said...

I love the little baby toes! They look like corn kernels to me. I have many pictures of my boys toes like that. And your family is too cute. I am a sucker for the little boys, have 2 myself.

And I could not agree more about those days when you actually get to do your hair and put on something nice! That rarely happens for me.

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