Holiday Fever

I'm really not into the whole crazy shopper deals this year! Which really just isn't me at all. I am all for a good deal, especially on things we may need. I did however get a pretty good deal on a dual screen portable car DVD player at walmart.com (for little L of course). We have such a hard time keeping him satisfied in the backseat of the car, Oh and did I mention we don't have him sit back there alone, if there's more than one in the car the other one is in the back entertaining the little guy. Are we the only ones that do this?! haha!

I have been a little disappointed and saddened the past week because Little L has gotten a horrible diaper rash from his cloth diapers. I LOVE cloth diapering and am so at a loss on what to do about his little tomato behind. We have switched to disposables for now until his bum gets better! I was reading up on it and did come across a few new ideas that I had not read about before. I am also going to try g-diapers for now until we get things cleared up a bit with my usual Blueberry dipes. He is also teething like a mad man poor little guy. He's been up at midnight the past 3 nights just screaming until I give him his Colic Calm (seriously this stuff is amazing). If you haven’t entered the giveaway you really really should! So that's been my week so far, the great part is that I did get to see family on Thanksgiving and Big D has had a couple days off work. It's such a bummer when he goes back! O well, I am still thankful for the time we have to spend together now! Hope everyone else is having a good week and Holiday break :-)


Anonymous said...

For mild diaper rashes we use aquaphore (sp?), and for bad ones we're now able to recognize yeast infection (even on boys!) which is common and is easily cured with lotrimin (again, sp?). between those two things they've always been cured fairly quickly!

And DVD player in cars? NEVER...well, until we had our own kids ;) now we're in love with them ;) Ah, parenting....

Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

I got a portable DVD player too! I'm following from MBC. I hope you will check out my blog when you get a chance.


Mommio Amps said...

Since we had our little boy, I always stay at the backseat of our car..I guess a lot of things change when you already have our own child..But its great nonetheless!

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