I want to start reviewing products! So I've decided to start out with the products that I already own! My most current obsession has been with baby wearing. When we registered for our first child (a year ago) we really had no clue about..well anything. We went to the baby carrier isle in our local babies r us and decided upon one of the more expensive front carriers made by Chicco. Sad to say that was not our best decision. Little L wore it once and then decided he really wasn't too comfy. It wasn't until I stumbled across other types of sling wraps on craigslist that I realized what I was really missing out on! After a lot of thought and research we decided to try out a Maya wrap baby sling. We LOVE it! Not only did it fit so snuggly and well but it had tons of options for how to position our little one. When he is too cranky to sit in the cart while shopping he has no problem being worn in his Maya wrap, and will usually fall asleep while we're out and about. What mom could ask for more! My next goal is to try a baby hawk mei tai...someday!!


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