Blueberry Diapers

We have had a fun yet exhausting journey through the cloth diapering world. My friends and family still think I'm crazy! I love it though, almost to the point that it's become an obsession. I bought most of my first stash off of craigslist from a town that's about an hour away from our home. These people use cloth religiously...someday I hope to talk enough people into it around here to say the same about my own town. After trying out TONS of different types of diapers we finally chose the Blueberry AIO's. I am in love. They are so great, I just pair them up with a sustainable babyish wool cover at night and we are good to go! After washing my diapers in the wrong type of detergent the first time (unknowingly) I really wanted to be picky this time. I am considering trying Soap Nuts...they sound the best. We'll see though. Now if I could just talk daddy into loving cloth as much as I do... :-)


Bobby Williams said...

Thanks so much for posting about our diapers! So glad that you like them! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Our house loves blueberry diapers. I tell everyone who will listen about them!

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