To Every Mother on Mother's Day

Feel the way  you need to feel. Feel it all, and feel it without guilt. I've read my fair share of blog posts and articles describing the triumphs and tribulations of Mother's around the world. I was told not to be sad, not to hold anger in my heart, told to love what I do...even the messy parts. I became stuck within a whirlwind of emotions when I woke up this Mother's Day morning. Functioning on little sleep, having a sink full of dishes and a list full of empty bellied toddler ridden demands. No word of Mother's Day spoken, no special breakfast being made in my kitchen, and no sleeping in. I am a single mother. I am a mother. I am a human with many emotions. The hardest part about Holidays is false expectation. Truth is my day won't be, nor should it be anything like anyone elses.

My Mother's Day is my youngest singing me a song about sunshine to wake me up, my oldest excitedly showing me his magic tricks, my sweet middle child pointing out the beautiful blossoms as we take out the garbage. It's not what other's say it should be, it's what we make of it. It's what we feel, and what you're feeling is perfectly fine.

Happy Mother's Day my friends, you're doing it just the way you're meant to be. 
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